Electron Focusing Lens

For a Modulated X-ray Source

Team Members

Lillian Tseng - Mechamistress

Our fearless leader, Mechamistress is determined to keep the other three team members on track no matter the cost to her sanity. Just be careful not to push her too close to the edge, as she has been known to lash out with her fists of fury if provoked. It is thought that her only weakness is the distraction provided by learning new software.

Andrew Carmedelle - Technocomet

The provoking specalist, Technocomet is often the target of Mechamistress' rage. He also likes music, as it helps him recover from his injuries so he can return to pestering Mechamistress that much sooner.

Sarah Strohkorb - Nebula Woman

Nebula Woman is incredibly deceptive- or at least aspires to be. Often times she can be found singing along to the team's theme song, "Captian Jack" by TheLonelyIsland.

Kevin McClure - Astro Lad

Ever so (slightly) reckless, Astro Lad can generally be found running with scissors, building something, or updating the team website.