Electron Focusing Lens

For a Modulated X-ray Source

About the Project

This project for the summer 2011 Olin-NASA Research Group is the continuation of the development of the Modulated X-Ray Source (MXS) as a means of using X-Rays for communication. In order to focus the X-Ray beam, the electron beam within the MXS must be focused. Our task is to develop a lens that will focus the electrons so that a more useful and more focused beam of X-Rays will be emmitted from the MXS.

Statement of Work

Our team will model an existing X-ray source and develop an electrostatic lens in order to create a more controlled X-ray transmission and enable the coupling of a lens to the existing X-ray optics. To validate our model, we will create the MXS with electrostatic lens, using a detector to determine the electron beam or x-ray behavior. If time allows, we will produce a 3D print prototype of the lens and housing.We will place this focusing lens between the electron multiplier and the electron target in the existing MXS.