CloudSat Frictionless Test Platform

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Team Members

The team for this project is:

Clay Gimenez, 2012

Clay is a rising sophomore from the Dallas, Texas area who has trouble deciding between Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering. When he has free time, he enjoys running and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Dani Dougherty, 2011

Dani is an Engineering: Systems major from Seattle, Washington. Her life ambitions include flying, sailing, swimming, learning, improving, and being happy. She is considering grad school so that she can become an astronaut, but has not decided where she wants to go.

Molly Gutcher, 2012

Molly’s family is currently playing house in Northern Virginia. She spends her time eating Oreos, changing her socks, and working on the Baja Car.

Steven Higgins, 2012

Steven Higgins is a rising sophomore from Eliot, Maine with the intention of pursuing Mechanical Engineering. Outside of classes at Olin, Steven is part of the Olin Frisbee team and helps keep the Olin beehives.