CloudSat Frictionless Test Platform

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CAD and Data Sheets

All of the following part drawings were made using SolidWorks.

Satellite Mount

The satellite mount is the structure inside the acrylic sphere that holds the CubeSat in place. These two part drawings show how the mount is to be assembled:
Complete Assembly (pdf)
Trough Assemblies (pdf)
These three drawings show the components of the mount:
Mount Components (pdf)
Long Trough (pdf)
Short Trough (pdf)

Sphere Clamps

The sphere clamps have two parts, spacers and a tab.
Spacer (pdf)
Tab (pdf)


The THORLABS ZST Series Motorized Actuator we used.
Actuator Drawing (pdf)

Data Sheets

The following documents are the data sheets for components we used in the construction of our test platform.

L297 Stepper Motor Controller (pdf)
L298 Dual Full-Bridge Driver (pdf)
THORLABS ZST Series Motorized Actuator Operating Manual (pdf)
THORLABS ZST Series Motorized Actuator Schematic (png)
Xbee OEM RF Module (pdf)