Device Control Software

MCA Software Interface


Our MCA program receives information from the PIC and displays it to the user in several ways. On the most basic level, our program saves the information it receives in an ASCII file recording the time and height of each pulse. Our program also displays two real-time graphs. The Flux Plot displays how many pulses were observed, and the histogram displays a spectrum showing what voltage these pulses rose to.


The MCA interface software is responsible for displaying real-time data from the hardware. It outputs a histogram of pulse heights or a flux plot of count data. It uses a threading model that allows data to asynchronously arrive from the microcontroller and be saved while the visualization updates at a rate the host computer can handle.

User Manual

We are in the process of writing a user manual for the MCA software. Please check back when the software has been completed.


The software interface for the MCA is still under development. Please check back later.