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X-Cam Project: Detailed Webcam Specifications

Webcam #1 Specifications

Type: Sabrent SBT-WCCK
Platform: PC
Interface: USB
Max pixel resolution: 350k
Transfer rate: Up to 30fps
White balance: automatic
Lens type: manual focus
Max color depth: 32 bits
Still capture formats: BMP, JPG
Max AVI frame capture rate: 30fps
AVI compression: yes
TWAIN compliant: yes

Webcam #2 Specifications

Type: Fieon HYV-302B
Lens: 1/4
Pixel: CIF Format 800*600
Resolution: 800*600, 640*480
Frames per sec: up to 35fps
Capture Resolution: 800*600
Focus Distance: 5cm--infinity
Lens wide angle: 56 degree diagonal
Brightness: Auto
Exposed control: Auto
Image format: RGB24
Power Consumption: 130mw (Full Run)

Webcam #3 Specifications

Type: Dynex DX-DTCAM
Pixel: CIF Format 800*600
Resolution: 640*480 VGA
Frames per sec: up to 30fps
Capture Resolution: 800*600