The X-Cam Project

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The X-Cam Team

Andrea Striz is a mechanical engineering candidate in the class of 2009 and was very excited to work on this project for GSFC. She is particularly interested in oceanographic research and development, primarily the design and fabrication of autonomous and remote-controlled research vessels. Other than engineering, Andrea enjoys sailing, swimming, billiards, and playing trumpet in the Babson-Olin Jazz Band.
Daniel Sotingco is a rising sophomore at Olin who will likely major in mechanical engineering. A lifelong New Yorker, he occasionally misses the thrill of rush hour and the pulse of city life while away from home. When he is not learning about the wonders of engineering, Daniel enjoys reading and playing basketball.
Mary Germino is going to be a sophomore at Olin and intends to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Through this project she hopes to master a bit of programming as well as attain some new circuitry knowledge. Mary enjoys chocolate and running.
Boris Dieseldorff is a rising junior who enjoys living the broadest meaning of hacking. Apart from working towards an Electrical Engineering degree, Boris is an avid autodidact who is spending a good deal of his summer working on speed-reading, making circuits, developing a website for archiving documents and other fun projects. He is excited by the NASA projects and looks forward to fiddling with new equipment.

Thanks to our advisors - Steve Holt and Gill Pratt - and to our contact at NASA - Keith Gendreau