The X-Cam Project

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X-Cam Files

X-Cam Presentation (ppt)

vvvv code (v4p)

Matlab code (zip)

ISPS Files

ISPS Pert Chart (png)

Mirror Specs Script (py)

Mirror Specs Script Results (txt)

Mirror Model: First Pass (sldprt)

X-Cam and ISPS Resources

Soft X-Ray Detection System for the CATSAT Small Satellite (doc,1.9MB)

Picture of Reflective Foils (jpg)

Picture of Reflective Foils (jpg)

Other Resources

Olin Student Projects Presentation (ppt)

Alignment and Test of a Constellation-X SXT Mirror Segment Pair (pdf)

The Constellation-X Spectroscopy X-Ray Telescope: Recent Technology Development (pdf)

Development of Lightweight X-Ray Mirrors for the Constellation-X Mission (pdf)