Support Structure Project for the Constellation-X Mirrors

The Mirror Support Team


Andrea Striz is a mechanical engineering candidate in the class of 2009 and was very excited to be the team manager for this project and working with GSFC. She is particularly interested in oceanographic research and development, primarily the design and fabrication of autonomous and remote-controlled research vessels. Other than engineering, Andrea enjoys sailing, swimming, billiards, and playing trumpet in the Babson-Olin Jazz Band.
Daniel Sotingco is a rising sophomore at Olin who will likely major in mechanical engineering. A lifelong New Yorker, he occasionally misses the thrill of rush hour and the pulse of city life while away from home. When he is not learning about the wonders of engineering, Daniel enjoys reading and playing basketball.
Garrett Rodrigues is a rising sophomore at Olin College, whose interests currently lie in Mechanical Engineering. Garrett describes his freshman year as extremely challenging, but discovered that many of his newly learned skills are invaluable in project based work. He enjoys working with this team, as there is a great group dynamic that should provide for excellent results. Aside from academics, Garrett partakes in many different sports, including soccer, basketball and billiards.
Yifan Sun is an aspiring Electrical Engineer at Olin, who spends her time cooped up in a cave eating meat. On the team, she wrestles with COMSOL and tries not to cry when smoke rises from her poor laptop. She enjoys long walks in the moonlight, pretty flowers, and prickly grass.