Support Structure Project for the Constellation-X Mirrors


Mirror Support Files

PERT Chart (XLS)

Baseline Geometry for Final FEA Simulations (MPHBIN)

X-Ray Mirror Papers

Alignment and Test of a Constellation-X SXT Mirror Segment Pair (PDF)

The Constellation-X Spectroscopy X-Ray Telescope: Recent Technology Development (PDF)

Development of Lightweight X-Ray Mirrors for the Constellation-X Mission (PDF)

Constellation-X Flight Mirror Assembly (PDF)

Atlas Launch System Mission Planner's Guide (PDF, 1.30MB)

Computation of Rayleigh Damping Coefficients for Large Systems (PDF)

Related Images

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Atlas V 551 Launch Profile

Mirror Module Image (from Recent Technology Development paper)

Constellation-X: Artist's Impression

XMM-Newton Mirror Assembly

Mirror Assembly Configuration

Soft X-Ray Telescope Mirror Assembly

SXT Mirror Schematic #2

Other Resources

Olin Student Projects Presentation (PPT)

Picture of Reflective Foils (JPG,3MB)

Picture of Reflective Foils (JPG,3MB)

An Instrument that Simultaneously Provides Atomic Plane Spacings, Elemental Composition, and Crystal Grain Size and Orientation Distributions Without Sample Preparation (DOC,3MB)

Soft X-Ray Detection System for the CATSAT Small Satellite (DOC,1.9MB)

Avalanche Photodiode Setup (JPG)