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The Olin Nasa Partnership

was created by Steve Holt, former director of Space Sciences at The Goddard Space Center in Greenbelt, Maryland near DC, in 2004. Steve is now a professor of physics at The Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering,

F.W.Olin College of Engineering

in Needham, MA. The partnership gives undergraduates at Olin the opportunity to spend their summer working on engineering programs for the X-ray scientists at NASA. The projects this year were provided to us by Keith Gendreau and Will Zhang of Goddard, whom we met when visiting the space center. The CXRDF project was given to us by Keith. The CXRDF Team looks forward to a productive summer implementing the engineering principles learned during the school year to actual projects. We appreciate this opportunity and thank both Steve, and our additional faculty adviser Gill Pratt for providing this experience.

The CXRDF Analysis

was done to determine the power constraints for accurate identification of crystalline materials using x-ray spectroscopy. Knowing the amount of power necessary to accurately identify materials will help the scientists at Goddard determine a feasibility of using x-ray spectroscopy to explore planetary resources on future missions to Mars and the Moon.



As of August 3, 2007, we offcially completed this project. Our final paper and MATLAB fitting programs are available in the Work link.

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