Project Introduction

During Summer 2006, four students from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering worked in Collaboration with Scientists from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and MIT to develop a magnetic shielding system for the Micro-X Sounding Rocket mission. Our task is to reduce the field from a superconducting magnet from 5 teslas (at the source) down to 10-7 at a series of very sensitive magnetic detectors. Continued ...

about Micro-X

Micro-X is a proposed mission whichs combines an X-ray microcalorimeter array with an imaging mirror to obtain breakthrough science from high resolution observations of deep space X-ray sources. The Micro-X payload will go a long way toward providing valuable experience and solutions to the practical problems of deploying TES microcalorimeters in space as well as obtaining astrophysically rich data with a TES microcalorimeter. The science return from this mission will be substantial. Continued ...

useful files

Listed below are the current magnetic shielding model files for the project as well as the project PERT chart.

recent updates


We are busy wraping things up and exprementing with different configuarions of sheilding.


We finally have fully sorted out our singular matrix problems by using only functions that have smooth derivates.


We have sorted out our COMSOL problems with singular matrix errors by using a non-linear solver.

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