Connector Project - Summer, 2006
Ash Walker, Brad Westgate, and Bryn Hollen

Copyright 2006 NASA/Olin Connector Team. Designed by Brad Westgate




Ash Walker

Ash is our fearless project leader. She is a sophomore Electrical Engineering major, but claims to have no actual experience with circuits or scary things like that. She has been known to prefer cleaning up after a horse to cleaning up her own room.

Dr. Steve Holt

Professor Holt is one of our faculty advisors. He teaches Physics at Olin and Babson Colleges. Formerly Director of Space Sciences at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, he moved to New England to spend more time with his grandchildren (and to get his picture on this website).

Brad Westgate

Brad is a junior at Olin who enjoys Shakespeare, sports (especially the Pats and Red Sox), and everything Warcraft III (except Night Elves and Undead ... and Human, for that matter). He is majoring in Computer Engineering (for the moment), and dreams of the day when he can write Battle Snakes in three languages (he is currently at 1/2).

Dr. Brad Minch

Professor Minch is one of our faculty advisors. He teaches Circuits, Principles of Engineering, and Analog VLSI at Olin College. His motto is "speak softly and carry a big circuit."

Bryn Hollen

Bryn is a sophomore at Olin who is interested in Materials Science. She is known for taking more photographs in one afternoon than Brad or Ash have taken (or plan to take) in their natural lives.