Connector Project - Summer, 2006
Ash Walker, Brad Westgate, and Bryn Hollen

Copyright 2006 NASA/Olin Connector Team. Designed by Brad Westgate


Transition Board Redesign Project (aka: The Connector Project)

This project involves redesigning an interface board in the detector apparatus. The board connects the JFET amplifiers for the detector with the outside world. Our task is to resign the board to use smaller connectors (MDM-51 pin connectors, rather than Nanonics-55 and DB-62) and also to add protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD). ESD is a common and destructive phenomenon for electronics, and a method for protecting against it is to use diodes that will divert the current through themselves and not through the electronics in the event of ESD. Our redesign of the board will use transient voltage suppressing (TVS) diodes to do this. The final feature of our redesigned board, which was also a feature of the original board, is the addition of impedence-matching resistors to eliminate reflections of the signals in the board.