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Description This section contains information about the members of the Mechanical Oscillator team.

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About the Team The Mechanical Oscillator Group is composed of six students from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. They are advised by Professors Steve Holt and Gill Pratt.

Joe Roskowski is in the class of 2008 and is the Mechanical Oscillator Project Manager. Other recent successes include the Winter Solstice Festival of Fire and Light and his "anti-blog." Joe enjoys protein powder and towels.

Madge Dodson is in the class of 2007. She has been a jack of all trades on the oscillator project. Madge enjoys ECE and taming "dragons."

Conor Frackleton is in the class of 2008. He designed the mounting and led the effort to research and obtain accelerometers. Conor is a fan of doing his part to make Olin College a real college. WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Kyle Rader is in the class of 2008. He led the software portion of the project, including the development of a Graphical User Interface. Kyle also took charge of obtaining testing facilities and testing our final setup. In his free time, Kyle enjoys late night snacking on tasty granola bars.

Simone Sequeira is in the class of 2008. She put content on the website and led the effort to research and obtain oscillators. Simone spends her days learning to cartwheel and avoiding the wiles of high fructose corn syrup.

Chris Stone is in the class of 2008. He aspires to be a bum when he grows up. Or at least a Level 60 Warlock.

Professor Steve Holt is a Professor of Physics at Olin College as well as Director of Sciences and Professor of Science at nearby Babson College. Before joining Olin, Professor Holt was the Director of Space Sciences at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - location of the XRS team that we are working with.

Professor Gill Pratt is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Olin College. He is a huge proponent of Olin's "do-learn" philosophy. Professor Pratt conducts research in the area of robotics and was formerly the director of the Leg Laboratory at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Special thanks to Drs. Tom Pochapsky and Iu Yam Chan of Brandeis University.

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