Magnetometer Design


Olin College Professor Holt and Professor Pratt in collaboration with the XRS team at Goddard Space Flight Center have put together a summer intership for ten Olin College students.

One of the five projects is to design a magnetometer, which is an instruement that measures maganetic fields. This magnetometer will be used in an Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator (ADR), which brings things down to cryogenic temperatures. This magnetometer must work on all three axes, function at temperatures less than 1 K, and dissipate very little heat.

Current Main Schedule


Current Expo/Report Schedule


Current Magneto-Inductive Sensor Schedule

Day schedule

Weekend of July 17th: Long term (3 hours) cold sensor testing
July 19th: Begin calibration, discuss PCB options
July 20th: continue calbration, order PCB materials
July 21th: Begin PC/Mac/Sensor array interface
July 22th: Continue interface
July 23rd: Begin PCB construction
Weekend of July 24th: Continue documentation process
July 26th: Finish calibration, finish interface
July 27th: Finish sensor array
July 28th: Slack time, documentation time
July 29th: Slack time, documentation time
July 30th: Slack time, documentation time
July 31st: Celebrate!


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