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A heat switch allows one to control the flow of heat between two bodies, in this case the ADR and the liquid He heat sink.  Because of the tiny absolute amount of heat the ADR salt pill can remove from the system each cycle, the most important aspect of this heat switch is that heat conduction be as close to zero as possible when the switch is open, making a mechanical heat switch, which physically bridges the gap between the two bodies when it is closed and leaves only vacuum between them when it is open, the best possible option.  The existing mechanical heat switch had a tendency to jam, making automation difficult.  The first design goal was to make a switch that did not jam.  We also worked on how to increase force (and through it heat conduction) and reduce the heat entering the system through the drive train.

Brought to you by:  Michael Crayton, Chris Doyle, Emma Goodman, Steve Westwood, Nick Zola and the letter R.
Under the instruction of:  Simon Bandler (GSFC), Steve Holt (Olin College), Gill Pratt (Olin College), and Scott Porter (GSFC).